Chef Smith’s Apology:Let’s apologize to ourselves too.

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I am wondering what the reaction would have been if in the middle of Smith’s Cook-a-ton, someone, having cross-checked with GWR, had indicated that the chef had no accreditation from GWR.

Predictably, that person would have been tagged, singled out for insults and vilified, as being an enemy of progress.

It’s interesting how vulnerable we are as a people. The fact that we cannot tolerate dissenting opinions, is quite paradoxical of a people who claim to be hospitable and courteous.

This Chef Smith’s story exposes how vulnerable we are and the fact that once we take popular position, we have no place to accommodate people who think otherwise..We run a chief whipping culture, where everyone must be in line.

We should all apologise to ourselves for always falling for the facade and make-believe of these clout chasing people who we call celebrities.

I can tell you this won’t be the last.It will just be another story with other plots and crew.

From all indication the gentleman had planned this scheme creatively and craftly, deceiving people, from all walks of lives, who had stuck their necks out.

From all inidcations, the gentleman has used the oppotunity to siphone monies from many people, apart from the popularity this scheme provided him.

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