NDC Bares Teeth at Chief Justice Torkunu

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The Opposition National Democratic Congress has accused the Chief Justice, Gertrude Torkunu and President Akuffo Addo of Judicial staking.

This follows the nomination of 5 additional justices into the supreme court by the Chief Justice for appointment by the President.

In a press conference addressed by the party’s General Secretary Fiifi Kwettey, the party accused the president Akuffo Addo and the Chief Justice for indulging in a clandestine attempt to stack the supreme court.

He expressed concerns over the haste for the nominations by the Chief Justice despite having 15 justices at the highest court of the land.

‘‘The chief justice single handedly constituted herself into a judicial council and nominated these five justices for the president’s appointment,’’ he stated.

According to Fiifi Kwetey, the collision between President Akuffo Addo and the Chief Justice to increase the number of persons in the supreme court formed part of effort to avoid post tenure accountability

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