Six convicted in the Western Togoland Secession trial

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Six people have been convicted by an Accra High Court for their varied roles in activities to separate the ‘so-called’ Western Togoland from Ghana.

Gabriel Gorvinoa, Cephas Zodanu, Benjamin Gbadado, Richard Doglo Ametepe, Cosmos Favor, Vincent Ramsayer, and Atsu Galey are among those convicted.

However, the Court, presided over by Justice Mary Maame Ekue Yanzuh, has postponed their punishment until Wednesday, November 1.

The convicts were among the secessionists that stormed the Mepe and Aveyime police stations on September 25, 2020, stealing police vehicles and guns and kidnapping officials on duty.

Two of the convicts who had been free on bail throughout the trial have now been detained in police custody until November 1.

Cosmos Havor and Gabriel Govina Godfrey were arrested after their bail was revoked.

Meanwhile, four of the ten defendants were acquitted and released.

John Gbedemah, Godwin Awudza, Excel Liberty Aheto, and Divine Nyadzinyo are their names.

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