Two lynched over witchcraft accusations in Northern Region

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Two persons, a male and a female, have been lynched at Zakpalsi, a farming community in the Mion District of the Northern Region of Ghana, on suspicion of witchcraft.

The woman, Imoro Safura, in her early 40s and a mother of seven, was chased to the chief’s palace, where she was subsequently lynched.

The man was killed at his residence.

According to‘s sources in the community, the two were accused of ‘buying’ sickness for a woman in the community after a soothsayer who was consulted by the woman’s family was called in.

The youth of the community mobilized to the man’s house and murdered him.

The mob then trooped to Safura’s house but sensing danger, she ran to seek refuge at the chief’s house.

However, she was overpowered by the youth and lynched at the chief’s palace.

Executive Director at Songtaba Hajia Lamnatu Saaka has since condemned the incident.

While applauding the police for visiting the community and commencing investigations into the matter, she appealed to them to swiftly investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, the Northern Regional Reintegration Committee on Witchcraft Accusation and Disbandment of Camps is working with the police to get the perpetrators arrested.


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