“If a child washes his hands he can eat with Kings” – Abeiku Santana to critics

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Ghanaian broadcast journalist Abeiku Santana has responded to his critics for accusing him of acting too humbly around his rich boss, Osei Kwame Despite.

The Okay FM presenter has said he takes delight in the fact that he is able to walk within the corridors of power and move with the greats.

In his explanation, Abeiku Santana insinuated that his humility toward Osei Kwame Despite was not cosmetic and that he had worked to earn a seat at the table of the rich and powerful.

In a sharp rebuttal following critics calling him out for not having self-respect and reducing himself to a cheerleader, Abeiku Santana said he does not regret his humble demeanour around the business mogul.

He proverbially stated that he has learned how to wash his hands, which is why he can dine with kings.

In other words, he has distinguished himself as worthy of rolling with the likes of Osei Kwame Despite and singing his praise.

He went on to share a video where he is seen curtseying before Despite while he shook his hands with relish and a spark of joy in his eyes.

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