Founder of (CIARIT) encourages kayayei women to focus on their dreams 

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The founder of (CIARIT) said that, when the CIARIT Foundation paid a visit to the Dome market in Accra to spend time with the head porters and also gave some giveaways to them to show some love during this new year festivities.

“I advised them to stay on course. Some of them have the intention of learning a trade, some have the intention of expanding the kayayei business” she expressed in an interview on joynews. 

“Everybody should focus on what they aim for and continue to work hard and continue to focus on their goals. With the help of God and their dedication, they will be able to achieve it” she said. 

She also said that the (CIARIT) Foundation will continue to support them in anyway possible to help them achieve their dreams.

The Foundation also gave them gifts which include CIARIT branded headpans, lunch, beverages and slippers amongs other things.

Centre for Legal Advocacy Research Education and Training (CIARIT) is an independent NGO that is registered under the law of Ghana and keen on promoting relevant issues and also carry out legal advocacy assistance and consultations for the week and needy in society.

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