Reject the E-levy Now or Never- Dr. Kpessah Whyte

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A Senior Research Fellow in History and Politics at the Institute of African Studies, Dr. Michael Kpessah-Wyte is calling on Ghanaians to join the National Democratic Congress to reject the E-levy, immediately.

He warned that a future government should not be expected to scrap the E-levy, when its allowed to pass now.

According to the University don, silence and neutrality on the E-levy will not be a good option for Ghanaians.

He further cited how previous tax, such as VAT, became institutionalized, with time, to underscore his point.

The 1.75 % electronic levy has been at the center of controversy between the New Patriotic Party and the Opposition, National Democratic Congress.

The government says it is seeking to raise some GH C 6.9 billion from E-levy to facilitate its infrastructural and youth entrepreneurial agenda.

This proposition has since been rejected by the Minority in Parliament, who have described the E-levy as draconian and insensitive to the already burdened Ghanaians.

Taking to his Twitter page to take a bite on the issue, Dr. Kpessah-Whyte fears the E-levy, just like VAT, will become institutionalized, if allowed to pass.

‘’If we fail to prevent @NAkufoAddo and @MBawumia from introducing this levy, weshould not expect any future government to scrap it,’’ he Twittered.

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