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The news of the appointment of a new Inspector General of Police (IGP) by the president was heartwarming. The new IGP is COP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare; a very educated, intelligent and humane man. In fact, he is comparatively younger than all the IGPs in Akufo-Addo’s administration. His age, educational laurels, achievement in the Police Service, and persons has made people applause the president of making a good choice for the IGP.

COP Dampare’s is seen by his own men and women in uniform as a change agent. He is touted to have reformed every office or department he headed before becoming the IGP. To such praise-singing officers, Dampare is the best fit for the IGP job at a time when several reforms need to hit the police service for efficient and effective policing. Civilians who have encountered him also talk well of him. Most of the phrases heard on the airwaves and social media was “he is a good man”. That is where my fear lies. It seems COP Dampare is so much loved, respected and expected to deliver, big time. Where the expectation is big, no achievement satisfies the audience.

have a problem with COP Dampare’s appointment. I don’t also have a problem with those hailing him as a doer and that he’ll succeed, big time. That’s what we all want. But, it’s early days yet. We have seen fine statesmen turned to corrupt leaders and finally failed ‘pɔtɔɔ’ in their assigned roles. You remember the “sage on stage”, fine lady who is still hustling to find her feet in the office she fought, backbit, and hated people for when she was denied earlier. That is why I want people to shelve their sky-rocketing hopes and unfounded aspirations and watch proceedings for a while before they start their praise-singing or rants, which shall definitely come, sooner or later.

COP Dampare is a fine gentleman, Nana. I’ve met him, on a close contact, a couple of times. His academic, professional and personal feats holds him high for such a position. No doubt he will succeed; but if…. My ‘if’ comes from many angles, Grandmaa, especially standing on the notion of how people are manipulated by our system and turn fine dudes into beasts, orators into dead-quiet people, freedom fighters into freedom takers and saboteurs, and loving people into blood-sucking neggars the moment positions are hanged on their black shoulders.

I pray COP Dampare Succeeds in his new office. This shall send signals that it can be done, especially by insiders and relatively young fellows. It shall also give the youth and comparative youth the chance to be looked at when positions and portfolios beckon. But, I hopefully hope that the system shall stay off his track and allow him to work per the rules, principles, ethics and professionalism that guide his office and work in totality. I hope political activists, traditional and religious leaders, opinion gurus, think tanks and CSOs will not wear the familiar face to go beg, lobby or influence COP Dampare’s office when it’s about them or family and friends. This shall make the IGP’s office delusional.

I think I’m writing too much, Nana. But, I fear for the man; and I pity him taking such a huge task especially at a time when the credibility, professionalism and public opinion of the police point to the sea.

I know how your prayer works, Grandmaa. Please pray for the IGP anytime you say a prayer. Remember him at your morning devotions in church and lead your other congregants to always have a supplication prayer for COP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the new IGP; for this position can put an icing on his legacies or unmake every feat he has achieved.

Greet Adwoa Agyeiwaa and her mother for me. Tell them I shall come home soon to do the obvious. Send my greetings and condolence to Opanin Ampomah’s family, especially his second son, Yaw Frimpong, my classmate.

As I always tell you, Grandmaa, COVID-19 is now Delta force in its third variant. Protect yourself at all times for I need you alive and around.

Byebye, Grandmaa.

Your favourite grandson

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