Ghana Farm Produce Prices Hike, A Tomato Now 1GHC

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The prices of farm produce has hiked significantly in response to the current economic climate.

Some farm produce retailers in Dweneho-Omanjor, a sub-urban of Accra, are selling a single tomato at one Ghana Cedis (1GHC) now.

A tuber of yam which went for seven Ghana cedis (7GHC) some weeks ago, now goes for ten Ghana cedis (10GHC).

Farm produce like tomato, yam, cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, pepper etc

Other farm produce like onion, pepper, garden eggs, are now being sold by retailers at a less for more cost.

For instance onions, formerly sold at five or four onions for one Ghana cedi (1GHC) is no more.

Now with one Ghana cedi (1GHC), one gets only three (3) onions or in some cases, two (2) onions.

Farm produce like tomato, cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, pepper etc

There has been an increase in the cost of transport fares over the past weeks.

That increase in said to be having a domino effect on all aspects of life for Ghanaians.

Farm produce like tomato, cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, pepper etc

Internet packages have seen their cost increase and their values decrease.

Even a sachet of water, formerly sold at ten pesewas, is now being sold at two for 30 pesewas or three for 50 pesewas.

Rent rates for rooms and apartments are said to be going up as well.

Ghanaians express themselves in protest against poor conditions. Source: BBC Pidgin

All these increase in prices, without a corresponding increase in salaries and disposable income of citizens is making cost of living really hard.

Hence why citizens are screaming #FixTheCountry.

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