Danish Embassy Working on Solutions to Ghana’s Water Crisis, Tema Port Key

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The Danish Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency (H.E) Tom Nørring, has said his embassy, with an in-house water specialist, is working on developing solutions to Ghana’s water crisis.

He opined the solution involved, design of a central program between Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus and Ghana’s Tema Port.

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“So what we [Danish Embassy in Ghana] are doing now is trying to, we have at the Embassy, my own Embassy here [in Accra, Ghana], we have a specialist, who is a specialist in water, who is building up this central program between the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus and Tema, the Port of Accra”, he said.

Tom Nørring added that the Danish Embassy was “building up capacity and discussing amongst experts” solving Ghana’s endemic water shortage.

“…we [Danish Embassy in Ghana] are building up capacity and discussing amongst experts how we can further develop solutions for Ghana,”

“and I think that’s, what is the first step is building up this knowledge base and exchanging information,”

“and the next step is then to find the necessary companies that can actually carry out the solutions”, he concluded.

H.E Tom Nørring, disclosed this in an interview with Metro TV on Tuesday.

The people of Ghana have always faced challenges in getting portable water for use in the past, however, this seems to have exacerbated in recent weeks with more and more water bodies being destroyed by gold mining.

Source: Metro TV

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