Response: Finance Minister and GRA snub Akuffo-Addo’s directive on SML

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This is turning out to be the most ridiculous lie on many fronts. Reading the article, these are the lies i detected:

  1. Why will the finance minister, who is essentially the president’s representative, snub him? Does it look like the President can openly be disregarded, especially on a matter that he has taken personal and special interest in?
  2. In any event, was it not explicitly stated in the President’s Statement following the release of the KPMG’s report that the President had directed that SML returned to conducts its monitoring role in downstream petroleum, as the contract has provided value for the country?
    3.In one breadth the writer creates an impression as though the resumption of work directive by the GRA to SML was done in secret but in another, the same article says the GRA had circulated letters to players in respect.
  3. It does appear that whoever wrote this article has neither read the entire KPMG report nor understand it.Being seven different contracts with their own respective terms, it is very disingenuous for any report to suggest that all the contracts are treated similarly. Sadstill, this has been the approach by mainstream media who have taken the matter up…
  4. Perhaps the writer could advert his mind to page 111 of the KPMG, which explicit says that contracts 4,5 and 6 (which largely bothers on SML’s downstream contract with GRA) do not need parliamentary approval, even though it is a multiyear contract.
  5. The writer claims the Minister of Finance has provided an alternative route for SML but fails woefully stating the actual alternative path that the Minister has presented to SML.
  6. Interestingly, this article has followed the same template and format for most of the calloused and entrenched media campaign aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Strategic Mobilization Limited, Ghana Revenue Authority – Official and anyone who has favoured the deal.
  7. Sadstill, it is noted that a lot of the facts as presented by KPMG goes to prove that indeed SML performed its side of the bargain, as per the scope of the contracts and truly provided value to GRA’s revenue mobilization efforts.
  8. I am looking forward to Ghanaians standing up against this sustained attempt by some elements within civil society and the media to continuously stain the reputation and image of SML, a company that solely financed the technological deployments that have proven invaluable in Ghana’s revenue mobilization efforts.


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