What you can do to be safe on E-Levy – Expert explains

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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), has announced that it is liaising with the telecommunication companies in order to make sure things are being put in place in order to start collecting the E-Levy on March 1.

One could recall how the 1.5% levy sparked a lot of controversies across the country especially at the business sector. It is however said to be charged on all electronic transactions above 100 cedis.

Meanwhile, Isaac Kobina Amoako who is a member of the E-Levy committee, has placed down some measures in which one can follow in order to distance him or herself from paying the levy.

According to him speaking on TV3, it is only transfers that will attract the levy and not payments. He said, payments for services using the payment option on the Mobile money platform will not attract the controversial E-Levy.

Again, he said customers can only exempt themselves from the E-Levy if only they make payments using the payment option and not the transfer option on the Mobile money to pay businesses who have registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority and have also registered as mobile money merchant.

“What you can do to be safe is, on the MOMO platform, there’s a difference between a transfer and a payment. People use transfers to make payments, so to be on a safer side, go to the payment option and make payment. For example, when you go to a barbershop, and you have to pay, say 200cedis, the barber may have displayed his MOMO number in his shop, when you go to your MOMO App and you transfer 200 to him, then the E-Levy will apply. You should rather encourage the barber to register as a merchant on the MOMO platform so that the next time when you are paying him, you don’t do a transfer, you go to MOMO pay or pay bill and if that that barbershop is registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority, that entire amount will not attract any charge”, he said.

He however encouraged players in the informal sector to contribute to the nation’s development by paying taxes which according to him are currently not doing.

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