Who wins 2021 Ballon D’or

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The crème de la crème of arguably the world’s most enjoyed sports, Football, will converge in Paris, tonight, to crown the 2021 Ballon D’or winner.

Known for its class, pomp and pageantry, the 2021 Ballon D’or is expected to provide football lovers with yet another exciting experience.

Among the closet contestants for this year’s Ballon D’or are Lionel Messi, a six-time winner of the award and his arch-contender, Christiano Ronaldo, who has won it four times.

Messi is looking forward to winning the award for the seventh time.

The likes of Chelsea’s Jorginho and Bayern’s Lewandowski, have also been highly touted as possible winners of this prestigious football award.

 Both players have had seasons incredible for their clubs. Some media outlets have speculated that Fabrizio Romano and Oliver Khan have confirmed Lewandowski’s victory

Last Saturday, organizers of the event took to their social media platforms to announce their readiness for the much-anticipated event in football.

Football lovers the world over are waiting in earnest anticipation, as they count the chances of the icons.

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