Chef Faila Set To Break Hilda Baci’s Cookathon Record 

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Chef Faila, a Ghanaian chef has embarked on a cooking marathon to break the Guinness record for the longest cooking time which is taking place in the northern region of Ghana. 

She began on the 1st of January and is on the 4th day and still going with soo much energy and her zeal so  unrelatable. Her endurance, resilience, determination and strength is unmatchable.

The food she makes is shared amongst the less privileged in the community, despite the number of hours she is working towards achieving her goal, her food turns out not only to be delicious but also appealing to the eyes. 

She has been graced by the presence of some celebrities like Afua, who also recently embarked on a singingy marathon, Yaw Dabo and a huge support from the people in the region.

Heartfelt messages and support are sent out to her from all who could not make it to the event in the Northern region. 

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