E-Levy: There has been an unlawful charges, it is not as they promised – Public

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Several complaints from the public have immerged since the implementation of the E-Levy on May 1, 2022 concerning the charges on the Levy.

According to some section of the public, there has been an unlawful charges even though they made transfers below the minimum threshold.

The E-Levy was reduced to 1.5% after its implementation and it’s said to be charged on a minimum amount of GHC100 but, according to the public, it is not as they promised.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has responded to those complaints and has promised to refund all those deductions and also make sure to intensify education on the levy to the public.

It is after this that the authority has provided an info graph detailing the various amounts, taxable amount and corresponding E-Levy charges.

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