Achimota Retail Center undertake Fire Simulation Exercise

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One of Ghana’s favorite shopping Malls, Achimota Retail Center undertook a fire simulation exercise yesterday, December 30, 2021.

This was to gauge the facility’s readiness in the event of any fire outbreak.

Following the exercise, however, snippets of information went round that the center had caught fire.

These claims were however refuted by an officer at the Ga East National Disaster Management Organization, Seth Kissi.

According to him, the routine simulation exercises should not be misconstrued as a fire outbreak.

Mr. Kissi noted that the exercise, among others, sought to educate shoppers and revelers on how to escape when fire breaks out.

According to him, simulations exercises help organizations to be better prepared for any eventualities, aside from providing a yardstick for gauging the organization’s capacity to deal with fire-outbreaks.

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