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Imagine seeing Jesus Christ in skinny jeans and tube shirt with plenty chains on his neck, strolling heaven on gold in heaven!
Picture father Abraham in baggy jeans or ‘medi wo’ (skimpy) shorts ready-to-fight shirt minding his own business at a corner in heaven! You might be shocked!
But there is no need to kick ass when you see such, their reps have already shown us how heaven is going to be.

Gone were the days when ‘men of God’ would wear big suits with suicide-committable, flying ties that scared some of us off to wear suits/jackets. These days, a new memo is out, ordering ‘men of God’ to be judicious of materials they use in sewing their attires. ‘Men of God’ now wear very skinny clothes when propagating the gospel; sometimes impeding their free movement.

The ‘women in gospel’ are almost worse. People might sometimes mistake a gospel show of women to a breast or cleavage-showing party. The angels might sometimes be confused of the sort of women they are sent to bless during service.

I didn’t come to condemn though. I came to tell people in this compound house of how nice it will be to be part of heaven; where class and swag would be the order of the day, with God himself leading the ‘killing’ with swagger dressing, serious body spray and long shoes to match and Jesus still in the crazy jeans and sleeveless tube shirt. As for the angels, I can’t even imagine their dress-code.

Now let me trim it down to my hommy. I’ve not seen him before, but I like him to the core. Prophet Obofour! Oh sorry, Prophet Real Obofour, the founder and leader of APC, the ‘ayakriki ‘ayakrika’ prophet, the man that many of my girlfriends think I look like. The man gets swag. He kills it with brands like Gucci and others. His chains are ‘Shatta Waleic’ and one can see gospel swagism in him. Aboaboa…
The competition becomes keener when you bring angel, eiiiii, sorry o, Arch angel Obinim, to the equation. Nyame mu y3 d3 o (there’s goodness in the gospel o), asuwer! I didn’t swear, for you to come and quote “thou shall not swear” this morning.

We picture God’s character in his people. Their characters depict God’s demeanour and they portray what we shall see in heaven; judging from what these ‘Men of God’ tell us. You see, some of them rush to the earth (their church gatherings) to perform announcing services after eating with Jesus in heaven.

So, until we get to heaven and see how God, Jesus Christ, and the various angels dress, let’s see their dress-code in the ‘Men of God’.

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